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Repeat These Words

Repeat These Words - 50 Therapy Cards

Repeat These Words - 50 Therapy Cards

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The one liner your therapist delivers after 40 minutes of therapy that puts everything into perspective. Quietening your mind just enough to feel peace.

The sentence you read in your latest self-help book that you write down in your notes to help with your next anxious moment.

Repeat These Words Therapy Cards have been carefully curated from self-help readings, therapy sessions, and years of doing the work. Backed by science and research, repeating these words with intention (and often) will transform the conversation in your head to one of truth, softness and kindness.

Choose the one you need to hear (and repeat) most, and display it on it's wooden stand for comfort, kindness and a reminder that we are here with you, feeling it all, all the time.


Comes with

50x Therapy cards

1x Wooden Display Stand

1x Box 


Cards feature words such as: 

I can do hard things.

I am not responsible for other people's reactions or emotions.

I’ve survived 100% of my worst days. I can get through today, too.

To gain confidence, I must go where I have none. 

I deserved rest without reason.

and more.

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