Accessing The Power Of Your Mind (Forbes)

By Nicole Serena Silver


"Our minds are the most powerful tool that we can harness for all levels of success in life. Our thoughts shape who we are and who we will become, as well as influencing our physical well-being and our emotional state."

"A shift in your mindset can be profound for the outcomes you are wanting to gain in your personal and professional life. Your thoughts affect all aspects of your life, whether you are aware of them or not."

"Repetition is essential when creating new neural pathways."

Your typical tendencies are engraved pathways in your brain, similar to a ski trail that has been used over and over. It is easy and natural to follow the established path. Going off the path is difficult, and in the beginning it is especially challenging to carve a new path. After you travel down a new route for some time, a new path begins to form. Eventually you can go down that new path with ease. That is exactly what happens in your brain when you practice a new thought pattern or behavior. New grooves are created and soon the formerly unfamiliar way of being becomes the norm." 

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